The Making of Rukario (part 3)

By on Mon 12 May 2008

I’ve placed an order for one linear metre each of the three fabrics for the normal Rukario, just to make sure I’m satisfied with the colours, as well as the felt squares. It will be about two weeks for the materials to be delivered. Not a lot I can do until then, except write this page. And this page was indeed written using such wonderful HTML-editing tools as Kate and Notepad. I thought about using blog-editing software such as WordPress, but for what I want for this page, that’s too much like hard work!  Maybe I’ll migrate it to WordPress at a later date.

Maybe I can work on some patterns when I get home. Or, try to find somewhere that will sell me a balaclava, recommended as a base for the head piece. Picture it, living in the balaclava capital of the world! “Hi, I’d like to buy a balaclava please. No wait, I’m not with the *I** or the U**, honest!” On second thought, I’ll try buying one online instead, preferably from a reputable fursuiting supplier. (See here or here.) Still, Whipperleys seems like a good source for the balaclavas.

I’ve also been researching some solutions for vision. One possibility is this camera, probably embedded in the nose, coupled with these glasses.

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