The Making of Rukario (part 4)

By on Thu 15 May 2008

The fur and felt from Craft Fabrics arrived today. The Dark Grey is an absolutely gorgeous colour. The Flavine really is a Pikachu yellow, so I need to tone it down. The Cobalt is rather dark, but not tremendously dark; it will be suitable for the lighter bits of the “shiny” Rukario suit (if I decide to do one!), provided I can get a darker blue; I’ve asked Craft Fabrics to see if they can send some swatches with my next order. Out I go to CraftWorld to get a bag of stuffing, fabric glue—and I also picked up a pair of 21 mm amber eyes. I also managed to get some other materials that let me get on with another of my major projects, ie the house move. So that took priority, unfortunately.

I also picked up the camera and glasses yesterday when I was in London. I haven’t tried them yet; the camera turned out to be broken, as one of the wires that held the microphone in place broke. (Let’s see, black wire 7 mm, red wire 13 mm, guess which one broke.) It’s a five-second soldering job to fix. This could also work in my favour, as I want to make the wires to the mic longer anyway.

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