The Making of Rukario (part 5)

By on Fri 16 May 2008

I’ve been considering some design elements, now that I have the fabric and can get to work on it. I’d like to make some progress on the suit over the weekend, hopefully getting the torso done. That should be fairly straightforward, in theory, but it provides some interesting conundrums. The base design is just to make a sleeveless T-shirt out of the Flavine fabric.

The initial issue is that Rukario has a rather narrow torso, while as a result of living on a diet of Guinness and Ulster fries, my girth is somewhat wider. And, this material doesn’t stretch very well. So, if I plan for a circumference of 1200 mm (my chest is about that size), that means two pieces of fabric each 600 mm wide, plus an allowance for the stitch. That can easily fit on a piece of 1500 × 1000 fabric. I would also need to make a generously-sized neck hole, to allow for the widest part of my head to fit through it.

Proving more of a problem is the issue of those toroidal shoulder pads that Rukario has. This will prove very interesting when it comes time to sew it on. I’ll probably have to sew it on by hand, along with the sleeves.

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