The Making of Rukario (part 7)

By on Sun 18 May 2008

Time to start sewing. Went out, bought a sewing machine, found it to be a total waste of time. Back it goes in the box to be returned to the shop. I ended up hand-sewing the seams on the torso part; it seems to fit well. The sleeves are a bit tight, so I’ll have to rethink them. Still actually sewing these was a lot easier than I had anticipated, though I wouldn’t have liked to try that with a sewing machine!

It turns out that I would have been better off using a tank top for the torso, as the grey toroidal shoulder pads ended up well over my shoulder, so I’ve had to take them off and start over. I’ll also need to rethink how the sleeves are done; I worked out using sleeves 450 mm wide, it looks like I’ll need at least 600, especially if I’m going to let the sleeves start further up my shoulder. At least I can use the material that’s been cut for other areas like the ears and tail. The 14 mm pile also conceals any botches in the stitching, so that’s good.

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