Rukario vs Lucario name

By on Wed 27 September 2006

A further nail in the “Lucario” name coffin. Rukario’s Bavarian origins make the name of “Lucario” more in question. Whilst the “L” v. “R” debate will forever remain unresolved due to the ambiguity in transliteration between those two letters, the “k” v. “c” debate is because the Bavarian “c” is pronounced as in the English “ts” and in users of Cyrillic-script languages as “ц”, so if “Lucario” were transliterated into English, it would be “Lutsario” (or in Cyrillic-languages as “[Л/Р]уцарио”), or in katakana as ルツァリオ, quite different from ルカリオ (or perhaps Lutz-ario, after the Esper from Phantasy Star II).

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  1. Shakir Basalamah says:

    Hi there!
    After reading that, I wondered why I never bothered hunting for Lucario’s Bavarian origins.
    And it doesn’t stop there. Googling Lucario reveals at least three different Latin American persons bearing Lucario in their name, from a man who lived prosperously in the late 19th century (LUCARIO Almendarez) to a lady proficient in pottery (Rebecca LUCARIO).
    I certainly will not want to name that guy in blue Lutsario! That is going to far from Rukario.
    This is so strange…

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