Lucario [sic] and the Mystery of Mew

By on Tue 24 April 2007

I’ve finally dared to put the English-language version of the eighth Pokémon movie in my DVD player. In all honesty, it wasn’t quite as bad as I had feared. It was a disappointment, as the Japanese version is in 2.35:1 widescreen letterbox format to suit its theatrical presentation in Japan. The English version, conversely, was designed as a direct-to-DVD release and thus was presented in the standard TV presentation of 4:3. As I have a widescreen TV, the result is that the Rat looks even more obese!

I’ve made some comments on this in my review on the Japanese movie. Again, we see Meowth caring for the Rat, but “I guess you’d radda be wit’ your twoipy pal.” And again, while Jari-boy thanks Rukario for leading him to the Rat, Meowth tells him that he was the one who took care of the Rat for him. Only to be ignored.

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